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Britain’s Energy Coast (BEC) is committed to making full use of the expertise and resources of its employees, and to ensure that all participants of the services the organisation delivers directly or indirectly through sub-contractors, employers and suppliers, are guaranteed the same equality of opportunity.


BRITAIN’S ENERGY COAST is an equal opportunity employer and a provider of business support services, which is committed to the development and use of employment procedures and practices which do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, nationality, ethnic or racial origin, religion, language or culture, disability, age, ex-offender background, sexual orientation or preference and marital status.

1. Policy
i. Britain’s Energy Coast (BEC) is an Equal Opportunities Employer and is committed to ensuring that the skills, aptitude and potential for development of all its employees are utilised to the full.    

ii. It is Britain’s Energy Coast’s policy therefore, that there shall be no discrimination against any employee or job applicant, whether direct or indirect, on the grounds of gender, marital status, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religious belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

2. Purpose
i. To ensure that all employees are recruited, rewarded, trained, developed, promoted and appraised solely on the basis of objective criteria and in accordance with their relevant merits and abilities.    

ii. To provide for all employees to have the opportunity to fulfil their individual aspirations, within their abilities and potential and the needs of the Company

3. Procedure
i. Within the general conduct of business care must be taken to avoid unintentional discrimination. WCDA will therefore;

ii. Publicise this policy statement and ensure that it is brought to the attention of all employees.

iii. Ensure that all Managers are fully briefed on the application of this policy and their responsibilities under the law.

iv. Arrange formal training of Managers and those involved in the recruitment, selection, promotion and training of employees where considered appropriate.

v. Periodically review selection criteria to ensure that all employees are recruited, appointed and promoted solely on the basis of their merit and ability.    

vi. Seek to give all employees equal opportunity and encouragement to progress within the business in accordance with their abilities, potential and aspirations.    

vii. Monitor and regularly audit salaries, wages and additional employment benefits including facilities and services to ensure that they are offered on an equitable basis.    

viii. Monitor the composition of the workforce and compile annual statistics, recording the relative position of women in the organisation, the number of disabled employees and the breakdown of ethnic minority groups.    

ix. Remind employees of the existence of the formal grievance procedure and ensure that they understand that they may use it if they believe that they have been subject to discrimination.    

x. Ensure that any employee who deliberately harasses, bullies or discriminates against a fellow or prospective employee on the grounds of gender, marital status, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religious belief, disability, age or sexual orientation is subject to the company's disciplinary procedures.    

4. Responsibility
i. Responsibility for the implementation and consistent application of this policy rests with the Chief Executive and all Managers.

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